Here at The Yoga Music Company, we provide the yoga music so that you can grab your mat, wear your comfy gear, and just press play and do yoga. We take the effort out of creating yoga music playlists, so you can have the most relaxing yoga experience. All our albums are made organically. Our team comprises of musicians and yoga teachers, with the yoga teachers always asking the musicians to create specific yoga albums for them. Their main requirements, among others, were: an album to take them through the whole yoga session, to be soothing, gentle, slow at first, slightly awakening in the middle, gently slowing down again towards the end, and to be serene for their most enjoyable Savasana ever.

Check out our yoga music albums

Check out our yoga music albums. There are two versions of each album; the “Experience” albums are non-stop versions with no song breaks – songs simply fade into each other, for a more relaxing, care-free yoga experience.

Hatha Yoga Music

  Hatha yoga music

Yin Yoga Music

  Yin yoga music album

Vinyasa Yoga Music

  vinyasa yoga music


We are currently working together, yogis and musicians alike, to create more yoga music albums for you, so watch this space! Sign up to our newsletter below to be one of the first informed of new releases, offers and updates.