Although we have been around for a long time in both yoga and music, this site is new and we’re super chuffed when we get positive feedback! We’ll try to post all positive messages here, with your permission, so if you’d like to add anything, please feel free to contact us! Here’s what people are saying about The Yoga Music Company so far!


“I love The Hatha Yoga Music Experience. I have been a hatha yoga teacher for 22 years and am always on the lookout for new yoga music to play in my classes. A good yoga music album is hard to come by and this is as good as it gets! My students love it!”
– Jeneane, London, UK

“A student of mine recommended this album and so I bought it. I was not disappointed! I particularly love that it eases you in slowly in the beginning through your yoga warm up, gets a touch livelier in the middle and then slows right down at the end so you can enjoy Savasana.”
– Simon, Los Angeles, USA

“I love yoga but I also own a restaurant. I like doing my personal yoga practice to this album and I also take it to the restaurant and play it there! Customers are always asking me what’s playing.”
– Johnathan, Athens, Greece

“Thank you for this album! It was just what I was looking for! I have just finished my yoga teacher training and I was trying to download an album I could play throughout my lessons. I’m still quite nervous in my lessons so the fact that this music is perfect for a whole class gives me one less thing to worry about!”
– Mandy, London, UK

“I am so glad you guys decided to open this website. I know one of your teachers personally and she is fantastic. It’s about time you put your own album together since I know it’s something she has wanted to do for years. I will be following your success closely and of course, buying all your albums.”
– J.D., Essex, UK

“Absolutely brilliant album. Love it- Love it- Love it. I will be taking you up on your free Lesson plan too. The website is do fun and informative too! Now I know where to find you, I will be a constant fan.”
– Stacey, Birmingham, UK

“Heard about you from a fellow Yogi who said you have recently started up your website with your own music, well I am pleasantly surprised since I have not really found a decent album for my classes and NOW I HAVE! Thanks for this amazing album which fits me perfectly. I will also check out your free lesson plan too in case I need to incorporate any of it into my own plan. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your future releases.”
– Robert, Billericay, UK

“What a refreshing album. Such passion. I am not musically minded and always use my senses to guide me to the correct music, this album has filled all of me from the first moment I heard it. Bravo Yoga Music Company. May your success continue to greater heights. Love, respect and peace to you.”
– Angel, NY, USA

“I enjoy this beautiful album. This music is fresh and take me to new place in mind and heart. Please make more music of this kind because I love so much. Too good. Thank you.”
– Selma, Portugal

“Hey guys, this is trully fantastic. What a great mix of cultures you got there. Passing this on to my class, I know for sure they will all be buying this. It’s great! Well done, keep it up!”
– Karen, Middlesex, UK