Yin Yoga Non-Stop

When all you want to do is relax with a tranquil Yin Yoga session, just press play and melt into your mat with this one-hour non-stop Yin Yoga musical experience to guide you through your whole session. It will keep you motivated all the way through to the last song which is specifically designed for your relaxing Savasana, and a gentle gong to let you know when it’s time to wake up. Available on all popular music platforms.

The Yin Yoga Music Experience Album Teaser

Here’s a little bit about the inspiration behind each song on the album:


Jnana (knowledge) is something we all possess in various degrees; the deeper we go, the more we learn. Let this track take you deep within and learn things about, and bring your more in tune with, yourself and your surroundings.


Awaken your innermost senses with the clean, crisp natural sounds of the elements and complimenting pipes. The angelic vocal backing will take you to your blissful place while you proceed in your Vinyasa yoga journey.


Finding the light from the darkness of the world can sometimes prove a mean feat, but close your eyes, and connect with your inner self to instantly be transported to a better place with this melodic song that will guide you into the light.


Melodia is the melodic journey through time and space where no one and nothing can bring you harm. Be lifted into the realm of this beautiful harp based musical atmosphere and feel the melody resonate within.


Happy and Free is a magical journey through Asia that is sure to lift your spirits and give you that warm fuzzy feeling of Santosa (contentment). After all, the journey to happiness and freedom first starts with contentment.


The pnevma is your soul, your innermost spirit, the essence of who you are, and you will see it clearly through the calmness and clarity of this beautiful piece of music which will take you on a journey within.

7. 432

432 is a nature based frequency with healing properties, generating healthy benefits among its listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance. The pure and clean energy of 432Hz in this this relaxing and calming track removes mental blockages and opens a way to a more fulfilling life.


Let Green Pastures take you on a ride through the luscious Green Belt of our wonderful planet. Feel and smell the green grass around you and you traverse through the wondrous planes while you settle in for your relaxing Savasana. Namaste.

Available on all popular music platforms


This album is also available as a non-stop music album with no gaps between songs – the songs fade into each other. Get it on iTunes or Amazon.


All songs are protected by copyright and unauthorized distribution whether for financial gain or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Should your company wish to use any of these songs for an ad campaign or other, please contact us for details.