Vinyasa Non-Stop

When you just want to lay your mat down, press play and do yoga… The Vinyasa Yoga Music Experience is just the ticket. A complete non-stop one-hour yoga music album that starts you off slowly for the yoga warm up, keeping you motivated all the way through to the last song which is specifically designed for your relaxing Savasana, and a gentle gong to let you know when it’s time to wake up. Available on all popular music platforms.

The Vinyasa Yoga Music Experience Album Teaser

With a mixture of natural sounds and instruments and inspirations from all over the world, The Vinyasa Yoga Music Experience is the perfect soundtrack for you to enjoy your yoga session.

Here’s a little bit about the inspiration behind each song on the album:


Open your soul and prepare to begin your Vinyasa practice to the inspiring and relaxing sounds of nature. Let your troubles melt away and start to connect with your breath with every tick-tock of the Grandfather clock.


Feel the rhythm as you connect to your inner self, being driven along with this cool melodic track which will both relax and calm you as you work through your Vinyasa warm up and sun salutations.


The album starts to get livelier now with this beautiful track which will help you stay in touch with your inner self while simultaneously livening your practice up, as you work through your standing sequence.


Fresh, free and happy is the only way to describe how this lovely track will help make you feel. Non-violence, bliss and peace are what’s being offered here with this mantra which is here to remind you of the important things in life.


Yoga is the modification of the mind-stuff, namely being able to quieten the mind in order to experience the ultimate reality. Raise the bar and get your body motivated and your mind quiet with this hypnotic rhythmic mantra and melody.


As your Vinyasa Yoga practice starts to quieten down again, unwind and feel the passion of life deep within your soul with Peace & Harmony, a beautiful melody designed to inspire you to bring peace to your life.


The Vinyasa song reminds us what vinyasa is all about! Drishti (gaze), Asana (poses), Bandhas (locks), Pranayama (breath control) and Vinyasa (linking it all together). Calm, relaxing and carefree, let your mind wander to a better place.

8. 528

528 hertz is a frequency referred to as the “LOVE frequency”, this song is aimed at connecting your heart and spiritual essence to the reality of heaven and earth while you enjoy your Savasana, with a gentle gong to let you know when it’s time to wake up.

Available on all popular music platforms


This album is also available as a non-stop music album with no gaps between songs – the songs fade into each other. Get it on iTunes or Amazon.


All songs are protected by copyright and unauthorized distribution whether for financial gain or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Should your company wish to use any of these songs for an ad campaign or other, please contact us for details.

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