Hatha Yoga Music

When you just want to lay your mat down, press play and do yoga… The Hatha Yoga Music Experience is just the ticket. A complete non-stop one-hour yoga music album that starts you off slowly for the yoga warm up, keeping you motivated all the way through to the last song which is specifically designed for your relaxing Savasana, and a gentle gong to let you know when it’s time to wake up. Available on all popular music platforms.

The Hatha Yoga Music Experience Album Teaser


With a mixture of natural sounds and instruments and inspirations from all over the world, The Hatha Yoga Music Experience is the perfect soundtrack for you to enjoy your yoga session.

Here’s a little bit about the inspiration behind each song on the album:


The power and beauty of nature inspired this beautiful piece. A mixture of the sitar and the forest with Tabla percussion, and atmospheric distant vocals, complimented by textured pads, will help you start your yogic journey.


Close your eyes to be teleported deep within your mind and get in touch with your inner self. Rich deep percussion with a Greek style vocal chant, a Turkish ney with a glimpse of the Sitar playing a hypnotic melody will help you gain insight into the Mind’s eye.


This Tibetan style catchy chant sets the mood for this unusual melodic mix of Greek, Indian & Arabic scales giving us total freedom of movement.


Be totally immersed in the depths of the underwater world in this tranquil, serene and beautiful melodic journey. The Sitar and percussion will relax you, while the textured layers of strings and distant vocals will take you away.


A heavily Indian and Mediterranean influenced piece of music with a hint of Turkish flavours mixed together with a beautiful Sitar melody brings together a new and refreshing mix of Yoga music.


Everyone’s favourite chant, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti is the main theme running through this catchy melody bringing refreshment, relaxation, and peace and harmony to the listener. Like a breath of fresh air, this melody will inspire you, filling you with good vibes.


As your yoga session begins to die down, feel your heart beating slowly and peacefully with the natural sound of the harp in this relaxing piece of music, along with the natural sound of the Ocean waves.


Settle down into your Savasana and enjoy the final frontier of this unique album. Just breathe and relax to the sonic sounds of the sitar, beautiful atmospheric pads and distant vocals which will take you on a journey you will never forget. The singing bowl gong will gently bring you back to reality in a way no other instrument can, so you can finalise your yoga session and arise feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Namaste.

Available on all popular music platforms


This album is also available as a non-stop music album with no gaps between songs – the songs fade into each other. Get it on iTunes or Amazon.


All songs are protected by copyright and unauthorized distribution whether for financial gain or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Should your company wish to use any of these songs for an ad campaign or other, please contact us for details.