Thanks for inquiring about us.

The Yoga Music Company is made up of a team of yogis and musicians with a shared love and passion for both yoga and music, with over 20 years experience in yoga and 40 years experience in music! The style of our yoga music stems from years of travelling and working with musicians from all over the globe, from Greece and Turkey, to Latin America and India, to name a few.

After trying to find a yoga music album which was suitable for a yoga practice, and wearing out our old favourites, we resorted to making our own yoga music. After many complimentary remarks from yoga students and teachers alike, we decided to create The Yoga Music Company and share our yoga music with the world.

Although we’ve chosen to remain anonymous, we’re still very much a friendly and personal company. We reply to our own emails, we write our own content and upload our own stuff on social media. Above all, we create the yoga music from scratch ourselves, with love.

The anonymity has to do with our belief that yoga is not about the teacher and music is not about the artist. It’s about the journey. In yoga there is no teacher, there are only instructions. The main goal is to find a stillness and serenity in the madness of everyday life and aim to be a better person.

Thank you for joining us!
Love and blessings